This little cutie turned two today….

Two!! My heart skips a few beats every time I think about it… Honestly where did the time go?! It wasn’t that long ago when I was blogging about our sweet baby entering the world! Now look at that baby now, all grown up and feisty, sitting here eating his snack, like a boss!

Boo has done heaps of growing up this year, he’s no longer that little babbly baby who is happy with a toy or some food. He and Bugs are now partners in crime, they do almost everything together! Sometimes it’s hard to believe the amount of mischief that these two get up to!

Boo obviously thinks that having a big sister is lots of fun! There’s always someone to look at the ceiling and giggle with….  

Someone to share milkshakes on a hot day with….

Someone to share a fun picnic with…

Someone to gaze at the giraffes with…

Or even to admire a common household item with…

And but of course, to lick the icing off the birthday cake with!  
Happy birthday Boo! Last year with you around has been so much fun, I can’t wait to see what this year will be like !   


Perfectly imperfect

I’ve started a little late this year working on Christmas ….. 

As usual, I’ve left the important stuff to the very last minute, starting to sew the advent calendar two days before the December countdown begins! There is always an intention to get started early and avoid the panic. But somehow, things (code for the kids) start to creep up and take over your attention and the next thing you know, it’s crunch time!

So after two days of not much talking and crazy intensive sewing boot camp, our perfectly imperfect advent calendar is finally done!

I haven’t completely finished this project, I’ve still yet to sew on a sleeve so that we can properly hang it with a wooden stick and string (I’ve just used some Blu tack to stick it on the wall for the picture above). But it’s good enough to start using and slotting things into its cute little pockets. Number 17 below with the bear carrying a tower of presents is my favourite picture of the lot….

While The Dude obviously prefers anything  that has a reference to chocolate.

Because this was made in a rush, the advent calendar is not totally perfect, well at least sewing wise. Some of the pockets are a little off centre, some of them are more creased than others while some of them you can see the folds without needing to stare too hard. Even some of the stitches are different from the rest because I had a change of mind while working through the quilting halfway.

But all of that doesn’t really matter, regardless of its imperfections, big or small, it’s still the perfect advent calender for us ! I know the kids will be especially thrilled with it and will enjoy counting down to the big day!

The first pocket is filled and ready for  tomorrow (or should I say today?)! I better get some rest before the fun and games start ! See you later!

Frozen in time

Recently, Bugs has caught on to the pandemonium known as “Frozen”. I know, we are a little bit late to the party on this one but we don’t have a TV ( story for another day) so it is kind of understandable that the kids are not as up to speed on popular culture as their peers. 

But we don’t live in a bubble and all thanks to school, the little girl came home one day belting out “Let it go” non stop. Naturally a trip to the cd shop was next and it took not  long before”Let it go” became the most requested song on the house and car playlist.

The kids particularly like listening to the song and dressing up as Elsa at the same time. Yes you read that right, baby brother is in on the action too. The brand new blue bedsheets that I’d recently purchased for Bugs’s bed were pounced on the moment the kids laid eyes on them. I didn’t even have to prompt them and they knew they had to wrap it around them like a cape. This is them looking wistfully out the window in my most artistic shot.

The song starts off with a keyboard melody. Cue baby brother who happily jumped onto the Peppa Pig keyboard to try and mimic the tune…

As the song progresses, things start to heat up. There’s lots of spinning and running around to make the cape swish…


Bugs kind of figured out that the faster you run, the more dramatic the Cape swished, just like the princess!
This was a good half hour of running up and down the hall and swishing the Cape! Of course the song was on endless repeat while all these was happening !

No blue bedsheet can be safe in our house while Frozen mania is on! Elsa has left the building, till later everyone!


Blast off!

It’s the Sunday before we get back into the daily grind and we were invited to a special event – a Rocket themed birthday party. Only that this was not only a coming of age celebration but also a farewell for friends we were quite fond of.

Bugs got up bright and early and made a card for the birthday boy right after breakfast. She’s quite into drawing people’s faces now so I put her creative juices to work and this was what she came up with. That big round purple circle is the birthday boy, while the other coloured ones are the other members of his family.


I spent the night earlier making this simple quilted coaster to give as a special going away present. The fabrics are Bonnie and Camille’s Happy Go Lucky range, which is quite an apt title I guess for the occasion. Piecing this little quilted gem together was a whole lot of fun, did I mention that this was one hundred percent my very own pattern ?! My home economics teacher would be so proud. It was quite a thrill making it up as I went along, I think I might attempt more pattern making soon!


Here’s how the back of the coaster looks like – pretty in pink using Riley Blake’s bake sale fabric. 


The party was a real blast (pun intended)! There was yummy rocket cake with sparklers for special effects and lots of giggles and bubbles.


When it came time to go home, it felt a little sad knowing that it might be some time before we could all meet up again. I think Bugs kind of understood a teeny bit about what was going on for she was a little upset on the drive home and only the promise of ice cream (big scoop) would make her smile again.

But as someone wise once said, it’s not really goodbye, it’s till we meet again!


The start of something new

The holiday has come and gone in a flash…well make that a seven day flash. It was a really good one this time round, with new experiences for everyone all round. There was always something new to see….


To savour (give me lavender ice cream any day!)….


And to experience! Actually I think visiting the beach and walking along the coast, with the cool clear water lapping at our feet was everyone’s highlight of the trip!


One of my favourite trip highlights was finding a beautiful and inspirational fabric shop just near where we lived! What are the chances of finding fabric in the sleepy seaside town of Mornington?! Of course I had to erm …bring a few souvenirs back !


Remember that scarf that I started on at the start of the trip? Here’s how it looks like…


It’s not quite finished as you can see but it’s been helpful in getting me back into the knitting groove. Plus Bugs gets a real kick out of seeing it grow and in choosing what the next colour will be! I’m pretty motivated to finish this off so she can wear this to school and show this to her classmates!

Now that we are all well rested and recharged, it’s time for us to look forward to new beginnings, maybe after a good nights rest! Bye from us for now!


On the food trail

After quite a few days of gorgeous sunny weather, we woke up this morning to this…..


Well this is Melbourne after all and the dreary weather finally made a come back today. So we did what we did best and went on a food trail to eat the grey skies away!

Our moods definitely lifted when we saw this being served to our table at one of our pit stops- the strawberry farm.


“Whoah!” was what The Dude exclaimed loudly before tucking into the sundae. It was everything you could wish for in a dessert- sweet, tart, luscious and in an extremely generous portion! We were all in strawberry heaven after finishing it!

We also just had to get this cute little treat when we saw it at the counter – a strawberry shaped macaron!


Bugs absolutely loved it and I felt a bit guilty that she was eating so much sugar before lunchtime , but hey it’s our holiday and I’ll eat macarons if I want to !


Shortly after our strawberry adventure it was off to lunch. Sadly though I kind of forgot to take any photos of our yummy lunch except for this shot of the delicious carrot cake. In any case we were very happy  and stuffed with so much food and sugar that a rainy day didn’t seem that gloomy anymore!


Taking it slow 

The holiday is going great. The kids are having a ball of a time exploring new places and taking in new experiences. They are even more worn out than usual at the end of the day that it doesn’t really take much to persuade them to go to bed, something that The Dude and I are pleasantly surprised about!

Besides the obvious family bonding time, the break has given us a real chance to take it a little slower from our usual frantic routine of work/ appointments/ school. We’ve been visiting a lot of gardens and scenic sites lately so it’s been quite refreshing to have the opportunity to relax and take in the views. Not sure how it works but it does always leaves one feeling a lot more invigorated!

A few more days to go before it’s back to life as usual for us. I’ll post an update on the scarf soon too. I’ll end off with this intoxicating picture of some tall poplar trees we visited today!



It’s Easter Sunday and the bunnies at home were raring to go bright and early this morning. So we brought them to the beautiful Heronswood to explore and walk off some of that energy!


I love Heronswood! The gardens are always an inspiration and beautifully landscaped. There’s always a pretty surprise in every corner! Pretty lavender….


 Red flower….


Giant pumpkin…


And even more pumpkin!  

The kids spent a ridiculously long time exploring all of them. I was quite tempted to buy some pumpkin seeds at the shop to bring back to grow but The Dude stopped me just in the nick of time!

Ah well… Maybe I can convince him next time! I’m pretty sure we’ll be back  again!


Chocolate cake

Hello! My name is Elizabeth! You may know me as Bugs. Today I am four years old! I’m going to help mommy and daddy bake my birthday cake. It’s going to be a chocolate cake! I like chocolate !

First papa melts the butter and sugar over the stove. Be careful daddy! Fire is dangerous!

I help to break the eggs into a bowl. I like to do this very much. I need to break three eggs today – one, two three!


After mama has added everything into a bowl, I help to stir it all together! This is very fun!


Mama then pours the mix into a circle cake pan and I get to lick the spoon! I think that’s the best part of baking!


While the cake is baking, I play with my baby brother….


And eat an icecream. I like chocolate very much. I like vanilla too.  



Mama puts the icing on top of the cake while I help to decorate it with pretzels. I like pretzels. They are crunchy.


I put a green fairy on top of the cake … 

And my birthday cake is all done! I’m very proud of it!


Happy birthday to me! Mmmmmmmm chocolate !




Day two

It’s day two of our Peninsula getaway and it’s off to visit Cape Schanck bright and early in the morning! Visiting the “ocean” was Bugs’s specific request.We did offer a tempting alternative of checking out Australian animals but I think she was quite taken with her beach walk yesterday so anything sea/ water related seems to rock her boat for the moment.

The Dude and I decided to do the boardwalk. Each of us carried a kid while we made our way all the way down. This is us at the start before the descent.


The views were breathtaking. Boo let out a tiny gasp when he first laid eyes on the ocean, the same ” this is so awesome” gasp when he saw ten little balls bouncing at the same time during song time at Playgroup last term. 



That trek, especially walking up the boardwalk, did make us all absolutely ravenous so it was off to a quiet picnic spot for some food and bubble blowing !


And since the weather was great when we got back, a trip to the beach was a definite must to end the day!


On a seperate note, the knitting is going great, I’ve started on a second colour (chosen by Bugs of course) as you can see. Hopefully I can keep this going, anyway it’s time for me to rest now after a crazy fun day!