Blueberry And Banana Yoghurt that is. And made for a special little someone who had her first taste of blueberries today!

Since Bugs started her solid food journey, blueberries have been top on my list of foods that I have been aching for her to try. They are blue, sweet and squishy- what’s not to love really?

I chanced upon a pack of organic blueberries at the supermarket today that was on special and decided that it was a sign from the heavens above to make my dream a reality. The blueberries were mixed into her usual yoghurt treat, turning it a lovely purple hue.

The colour intrigued Bugs, who flapped her hands in excitement, dipping her hands into the bowl the first chance she could get near it. She grabbed the mixture, squeezed it in her hands, smeared it on the table and dipped her toys in it before flinging them onto the ground.

And yes, if you can imagine, at the end of the feed, there was a little grinning face, who was pretty pleased with herself for “painting” the surroundings (including herself) with splotches of purple!

It was very funny to watch, though i’ll admit the clean up wasn’t as hilarious!



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