A cure for the blues


How do you turn around a lousy day? One of my favourite pick-me-ups when life feels gloomy is to get outdoors and be near nature! Something about not having to look at concrete and soaking in the sunshine never fails to perk me up!

Today happened to be one of those days…..you know, when things just seem to not go your way …. when one bad thing attracts another and another… Instead of sitting around and moping which felt like the convenient thing to do, we decided to head outdoors to one of our favourite places in the world – the Royal Botanic Gardens for a breather.


We were lucky- it was the perfect weather for being outdoors (the last few days had been scorchers). The sky was blue- as blue as it could be, without a single cloud in sight. We found a lovely spot by a lily pad pond and decided to set up camp there.

We sat quietly, taking in the serenity of the surroundings, while munching on burnt cake (don’t ask). Slowly but surely, the magic of the outdoors worked its way into my system and at the end of our mini picnic, I was ready to take on the world again! And with a smile too :)!


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