The star of the show


You can probably guess from the picture where we are – the gi-normous shopping trolleys, the huge pellets of toilet rolls poking out of almost every trolley, the distinctive red, white and blue logo ……yes that’s right folks, we are in bulk purchase heaven – Costco!

Located next to what used to be one giant ferris wheel (see picture below), Costco is our one stop shop for all things big.

We spend an inordinate amount of time oohing and aahing at what’s on offer and justifying our purchases: 4 boxes of toothpaste going for $12 (“The dentist will be so proud of us!!”), 100 green tea bags for $19 (“Good to get more antioxidants in you!”), a pack of 12 huge muffins for $10 (“Need an excuse to use up that toothpaste!”).


But the real crowd puller, the one that creates the ridiculously long queues, the true star of the show, in our opinion, is this…………………………….

A picture really does say a thousand words in this case!


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