Childhood giggles


I was told I used to giggle a lot as a baby. A funny face, a little tickle or someone talking in a funny voice would be enough to get me smiling. But what really set me off into giggling fits were bubbles! Not the alcoholic kind- mind you, I was too tender an age to understand the grown up obsession with Champagne, just good, old fashion soap bubbles are what we are talking about!

So we thought we would introduce the fun of bubbles to Bugs today- perhaps she will enjoy them as much as her Mommy does.

Armed with a bubble wand that we picked up from the store, we chose a spot outdoors which sheltered us from the wind ( the weather is a little cranky these days – sunny one minute, gale force wind the next). The Dude was in charge of making the magic happen while Bugs and I chased the bubbles.

Bugs loved it right from the very first bubble that appeared! She flapped her arms and legs enthusiastically and giggled incessantly as each stream of bubbles whizzed past her. But the loudest giggles were reserved for the bubbles that burst in her hands the moment she touched them.

I think we will be doing this again sometime soon ! Hope you have some bubbles (either soap or alcoholic) soon to brighten your day!


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