Of cats and superstition

I am not particularly superstitious. Walking under ladders, broken mirrors, stepping on cracks, black cats, the number 13, they don’t bother me that much. I hardly notice or take special effort to avoid them.

But last month, when my Maneki Neko (lucky cat) figurine fell down from the book shelf and shattered into a few dozen pieces, fear and panic gripped me. Could this be an ominous sign- I quietly pondered, would it mean that I could no longer fritter my money away on gossip magazines as the end of prosperity was near ?

Finding a replacement cat was not as easy as it seemed. There seemed to be a dearth of shops selling such antiquities, especially when you needed one to be around. I had just about given up hope until I chanced upon a little store today that sold all things Asian.

“Do you sell the lucky cat with the beckoning hand?” I asked the store owner nervously. “Maneki Neko?” she replied, “They are over there.” And there they were, a whole shelf full of different coloured and types of lucky cat figurines! What joy it was to have finally found it!

I chose a small porcelain one that would fit nicely on our coin bank (saving is the new ‘in’ thing). It is sitting prettily there now, beckoning luck and all things auspicious into our home. I have shared this photo with you so that Jingles (that’s his name) can do the same for you too!



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