Satisfaction in a spoon

I had a craving today. More specifically, it was a chocolate craving. It came suddenly mid morning, just after I had finished my cup of tea.

It’s a funny thing how these cravings work- you try to ignore it, it grows stronger. You distract yourself with an activity, your mind keeps wandering back to it. Finally you reach a point when your inner voice screams “Do something about it! Give in! Must-pull-hair-out if we wait any longer!”.

That was when I decided to make a trip to the Lindt store.


I surveyed the mind boggling selection of chocolates, pastries, macarons, cakes and ice cream that was on display. “What would hit the spot?” I thought to myself.


Then from the corner of my eye, I spotted this- a chocolate ‘spoon’ that contained enough chocolate to make a cup of hot cocoa. All I had to do was to pour warm milk in a mug, dip the spoon in and voila! Hot chocolate the European way! Not too pricey and just enough indulgence to satisfy the craving! Perfect!

I won’t go into too much detail on what happened next except to say that it was pure utter bliss to sip that rich, luscious cup of molten brown on a somewhat chilly day like today!

P.S: If only they really made ice creams in giant sizes, one can only dream……..


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