All aboard the W

We have been wanting to do this for some time. After all, there was absolutely no excuse for us, given that it runs right outside our doorstep.

With the weather still going through its mood swings, we decided to abandon our usual hike and jump on board a tram to take us to the market.

Now, this is no ordinary tram. I have been doing a bit of research you see. This was the iconic W class electric tram that we boarded- one of the key cultural icons of Melbourne! They have been around the city since the 1920s and are usually green and yellow in colour.

The interior of the trams are generally well maintained, with most of the old details intact. There is the overhead rope that you pull to signal to the driver to stop and the tiny seats that used to be enough to occupy two people easily but are now too cramped (oh how we have grown in size compared to our ancestors!).

Sadly, there are not many of these W class trams left on our roads today. Most are slowly being phased out because of old age or due to the fact that transport demands are vastly different in the twenty first century (these trams do not have air conditioning/heating and are much slower than modern trams).

What made today’s trip extra special was that it was also Bug’s first tram ride and she enjoyed it! We will be travelling on the W again before it disappears from our everyday life!

P.S: If interested, you can find more information about the National Trust’s efforts to keep the W on our roads here.


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