The Berliner fan club

I know its still early days but I have to admit that so far, this Project 365 blog has been great for me in many ways. It motivates me to get out, try new things and allows me to indulge in my new found passion of writing! And to top it all off, life is a lot brighter when you are focused on searching for (at least) one happy moment in the day! 🙂

And today, my little happy moment resided in a small, sugary, spongy pastry – a lovely organic jam filled doughnut! Or Berliners, as they are known, in some parts of the world.


We had passed by this little store in the market a zillion times over the years and had never once thought of trying anything that was on offer. But after trudging all the way to the market this morning, with a blustery, cold wind blowing against our faces, a little hot snack seemed like the perfect idea.

It sounds crazy but The Dude and I had never eaten a jam filled doughnut before today! I am not sure why jam filled doughnuts don’t seem to feature in our life much- perhaps we should thank our mothers for steering us clear of them in our early days.


Our timing today was perfect- a fresh, hot batch had just been prepared, we picked up a bag and scuttled back, determined to enjoy them in the comforts of home.

If there was a contest or ranking system for doughnuts, this one would be high up in the stakes! Soft and spongy, with just the right level of chewiness, with sweet strawberry jam oozing out from its hot filled centre and finished with a light dusting of caster sugar , these Berliners were truly the bees knees! We savoured every bite and spent the rest of the day kicking ourselves for not getting the bakers dozen.


I’d have to admit we are Berliner fanatics now after this experience!


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