Christmas with Cristiano

We took down our Christmas tree to the recycling centre today. Although Christmas had officially passed us a few weeks ago, the tree stuck around the house a little longer. Not because it was still green and full of life, but because it was special to us. It was our very first real Christmas tree!

Our childhood memories of Christmas trees had always been of the plastic variety, coloured with either the standard green or white shades and requiring some assembly. Last Christmas, we decided to do things differently, it had to be as it was Bugs first Christmas as well. It had to be special.

That’s when we decided to get a real tree . We loved the tree right from the moment it was delivered to us. We even gave it a name –Cristiano was what we called it.


Cristiano’s fresh pine scent filled the house and greeted us when we came home. We were so excited that we bought heaps of decorations to deck it out. Hanging the decorations on a real tree was such an experience that we took dozens of photos to commemorate the event! We were pleased enough with the outcome to feature the tree in our Christmas cards to friends and family! On Christmas morning, we unwrapped the presents we had placed under Cristiano and made this another Kodak moment for the family album.

When Christmas passed, we continued to lovingly water and spray Cristiano, hoping that what we did provided it some welcome relief in the hot Australian weather. We knew deep in our hearts that it was not enough and when the first tinge of yellow started to appear, we knew it was time to say goodbye.

We did feel a little sad when we left Cristiano at the recycling centre. But thinking about the many happy moments that it gave us ( and the fact that it was becoming a potential fire hazard), we started smiling again and resolved to recreate the joy we experienced with another tree when Christmas swings by again!


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