Blueberry blush

Last week, I blogged about a peach pound cake that I had baked successfully. We loved it so much that I decided to modify the recipe and make a blueberry one instead!

This time, I got a little greedy and added lots more fruit to the batter and here is the result:

This blueberry pound cake smelt amazing the moment I took it out of the oven! Here’s how it looked like when we finally sliced it after waiting an agonising twenty minutes for the cake to cool down slightly:


I’ll admit I am much happier with the outcome of this cake as compared to the other one. The fruitiness of the blueberries perfectly complements the creamy Tasmanian butter that I used to make the cake. The Dude was so impressed with it that he complimented me about it in front of his friends *blush*! We devoured the last cake in three days- I think we might break that record with this one!

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