In between dishes

Over the weekend, we visited our local farmers’ market and picked up some lovely and fresh bell peppers that had been lovingly grown to organic perfection!


Since then, I have been longing to make a bell pepper kinpira (japanese side dish) with the produce. You see, the last time i made this dish, i was heavily pregnant and waiting somewhat impatiently for Bugs’s arrival. That was almost a year ago. I have waited too long in between dishes now I think!

It amazes me how simple it is to whip up this kinpira- slivered bell peppers sautéed with a tiny sprinkle of sesame oil, a dash of soy and chilli flakes and mixed in with some toasted, chopped nuts (I used almonds in my version) for some textural crunch. It’s sweet ( from the bell peppers), salty and spicy all in one go! And brilliant with rice and a simple Asian stir fry! Can’t ask for more!

The kinpira recipe hails from one of my favourite cookbooks- the Just Bento cookbook by Makiko Itoh, more information on her blog here!


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