October love


My little girl loves her October. October the toy octopus that is. She particularly loves making music with October ( the tentacles squeak out a note if you squeeze it hard enough) and is happy spending most of her time playing with it.

When October decided to spend the night in the car boot and did not appear the next morning ( yes you read it right, we are blaming the octopus for this), a mini crisis erupted at home. That crisis wanted October and it had to be now.

I shoved on my creative thinking hat and eyed the house for potential musical instruments to buy us some time while The Dude went to retrieve the toy. An egg carton, my KeepCup and an old plastic container made the cut. In a matter of minutes, these mere household items were transformed into the most amazing shakers that rocked the face of the earth. At least that was how they were marketed to Bugs.

Just as Bugs was starting to lose interest in the handmade toys, October (and The Dude) woke up from its slumber and made its way back home, into the arms of an overjoyed little girl! I’d never thought that I would be so happy to see October in summer until today!



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