Your fortune is in your hands

Crafting just before a holiday or special occasion helps put me into the festive mood early. It’s rather like what appetisers do in a dinner set I think- whets your appetite so that when the main event comes along, you are ready to enjoy everything it has to offer!

So when an article about making your own paper fortune cookies came floating by my way, I thought to myself “How timely this is with the lunar Chinese new year just round the corner, let’s get cracking!”

It was pretty easy enough to obtain the materials needed for my little craft- some coloured paper for the ‘cookie’, some note paper to write the fortune on, scissors and sticky tape. The tutorial looked pretty straightforward as well. But what confounded me was one critical element:what should I write on each of the little slips of paper ? Something meaningful? A famous quote? How do those real fortune cookie manufacturers think of these inspirational quotes?

I did a little googling and found out that people have been consciously documenting sayings found in fortune cookies over the years! Most of these sayings were downright hilarious!
I picked three classic gems from the list for my little project:
1.Your fortune is in your hands
2.You love Chinese food
3.You will be hungry in an hour

I probably need a little more practice to get my paper fortune cookies as pretty as the ones in the tutorial. But we did have a ball of a time reading and laughing at those funny actual fortune cookie sayings!

You can find more hilarious fortune cookie sayings here! If you have come across some funny ones, I’ll love to hear them!

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