The princess’s new clothes


The postman delivered a parcel today that I had been eagerly waiting for. Just like Christmas , we have in mind to make the lunar chinese new year a little special, given that it is Bugs’s first time celebrating it. And what better way could there be to commemorate the occasion than with some new togs! Some traditional Chinese styled ones would be perfect, I thought to myself.

But the lunar new year was going to be right smack in the middle of summer. And Bugs in a itchy, scratchy (trust me, i’m speaking from experience here) polyester outfit, traditional style aside, did not seem like a good idea to me.
I needed something that would be light , airy and preferably festive enough to mark the occasion! I searched the shops high and low, but nothing came close.

Thankfully, Google was around to give me a hand. After countless hours peering through website after website, I chanced upon an online store located in the sunny little island of Singapore that had the key words that I had been searching for –cotton cheongsams for kids! In various patterns and styles too!

I did a little jig of joy that if you had been there to see, would no doubt have proclaimed me insane. It felt as if I had discovered the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Or caught a leprechaun who could grant me three wishes. Whichever of the two was more difficult.

I chose a classic cotton cheongsam (left picture) and a cotton dress with a modern take on traditional details. There were a few handmade hair accessories on offer and I could not resist getting a few.

We spent a considerable amount of time this afternoon oohing and aahing at how adorable the outfits and hair accessories were! The grandparents are going to be so pleased to see photos of the little princess in these! 🙂

Special thanks to the ladies at Petit Treasure who hand sewed and made the gorgeous dresses and exquisite accessories! You girls are truly talented!


2 thoughts on “The princess’s new clothes

  1. Hi, read your blog from Petit Treasure’s FB. Sounds like you are from Australia? We stock Petit Treasure’s Cotton Cheongsum, their hand made hair accessories, swing dresses, playsuit etc made from them! Our FB is Little Glamourettes and we are a store in South Perth, Western Australia! Cheers Diana

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