Something borrowed

I borrowed someone’s happy moment to write about today. It was not due to the fact that I had no moments of my own but more because his happiness was just as important to me as was mine.

The Dude had been having a killer of a week, having gone through a few sleepless nights in a row for work, while simultaneously continuing to pull his weight with the chores around the house. With the work week finally drawing to a close, he wanted a little something to reward himself.

The Dude had made up in his mind what his reward would be. He had been quietly dreaming about it in his spare time this week. He had even used it as a motivator to spur himself on during those long, dark hours.

So when Friday evening swung around, he trotted off to the local deli and picked out his favourite tub of ice cream.

There was a plan of how the ice cream would be consumed. It did not make sense to tarnish the experience by rushing through it. After all, what is the point of having a reward if it disappeared in an instant. Every mouthful had to be savoured to make it worthwhile.

The Dude patiently waited for Bugs to fall asleep for the night. Then, he tiptoed out of the bedroom into the kitchen and as quietly as he could, scooped up some ice cream into a bowl and sat in the balcony, enjoying his treat in the cool summer night.

The ice cream must have done the trick as The Dude was all smiles when he came back in, his face showing little trace of the weariness that had dogged him the last few days! And judging from the photos he took, it must have been real good too- I sure hope he saved me some!



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