A treat for the senses

Mmmm… I love the scent of freshly roasted peanuts- that distinctive, nutty fragrance that you know is going to make the flavour of an otherwise ordinary peanut pop! What’s better than that is if those roasted peanuts could be part of some kind of a cookie- say like a batch of freshly baked roasted peanut melt-in-the-mouth cookies!

This is one of our must-have sweets for the lunar Chinese new year. It’s surprisingly easy to make (no slaving hours in the kitchen folks!), does not contain any eggs or butter (somewhat healthy I guess) and keeps well for weeks (though nothing home baked ever lasts that long, as you know, in our household)! And that’s not even taking into account how yummy they taste!

The Dude took charge of our annual pre festive occasion bake off this year and made a batch of these cookies today. I could not wait to dig into them from the moment those mouth watering smells came wafting out of the oven!


The cookies turned out perfectly! They were so moreish (imagine eating toasted grounded peanut with sugar….sorry we are huge peanut fans here) that we would have finished them all in one sitting if not for the fact that we were planning to serve them to our guests tomorrow for tea. And on top of that, the house was perfumed with the aroma of roasted peanuts which lingered on for hours! What a treat for the senses this was!



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