Dragon Tales

We decided to do a bit of dragon spotting today. I had been hearing rumours floating that fairies and dragons roamed the gardens of Cook’s cottage in summer and had been wanting to check it out. With today being the first official day of the Year of the Dragon, it seemed like the perfect time to execute my plan.


We arrived at Cook’s cottage (a historical little house that belonged to the famous Captain James Cook’s parents, built in 1755!) and eagerly enquired about the magical creatures that supposedly resided in the garden.
“Yes they are here,” the lady at the the ticket counter replied, “But you have to look for them. There are five of them in total.”

She handed us an activity book and ushered us to the entrance of the cottage and left us with these parting words “Good luck! If you find them all, you can pick up a prize at the souvenir shop!”

We strolled through the lovely English cottage garden which was peppered with various herbs and flowers that would have been used in the 18th century. Guided by our activity book, we spotted those five dragons and a few extra and learnt a few facts about them and dragons in general (did you know that they are wonderful poets and love jewellery?).

There was even a wishing well – handy for leaving your dragon wishes in!

A tour of Cook’s cottage before we headed to collect our prize was a definite must! It felt as if we had stepped back in time to the days when there were no televisions, microwaves and all those modern conveniences which make our life so much more comfortable than it was then.

It truly was a magical way to commemorate Bugs’s first lunar Chinese new year! Plus we picked up some history lessons and learnt something new as well!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and may the Year of the Dragon shower you with lots of luck, prosperity and abundance!


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