Dances with lion


We were fortuitous enough to chance upon a traditional Chinese lion dance at the market today! It’s been ages since I had last seen one and its pretty exciting watching how skilful the performers are in wielding the heavy lion’s head and making it seem lifelike!

Here’s the lion dancing its way through the deli section ( very disciplined I must say, any other lion would have pounced on those smoked meats in a heartbeat)…..

The lion’s entourage close behind, helping to make its presence known…

The lion spotted me and Bugs standing quietly in a corner, came up and batted its furry eyelids at us! I was a little overwhelmed at the attention (ok I admit I was afraid of it) and hugged Bugs tightly for comfort. But our dear Bugs was one brave cookie – she looked the beast squarely in the eye and grunted out her best lion roar! Thankfully that was enough to persuade the lion to move away from us!

We did follow the lion briefly, as it made its way round the market, especially when we saw it spitting out sweets ( that’s what the kids in the picture were doing- picking up the sweets) but lost sight of it when some steamed dumplings beckoned us to look their way. Well at least we did manage to catch it in action for a bit!



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