A tale in Strine

Note: Today’s post has been written with a dash of Australian slang or Strine as its otherwise known, given that it’s Australia Day! I’ve included in the definitions in brackets so that reading it makes sense!

“What should we have for lunch?” I asked The Dude this arvo (afternoon) while nibbling on a chockie bikkie (chocolate biscuit). “The brekkie (breakfast) we had at Maccas (Macdonald’s) was ages ago and I could eat a horse (very hungry) right now.”

“I’ll throw some snags on the barbie (sausages on the barbecue)” The Dude replied.

Ace (excellent)! We can have some lamingtons (Sponge cake covered with chocolate and coconut) for dessert. Boil the billy (make a cup of coffee or tea) will ya? Ta (Thanks)!”

“Oh bugger! The barbie is cactus (not working) ! And we are all out of bread!”

Don’t get your knickers in a knot (Don’t upset yourself)! Just head to Woolies (Woolworths supermarket to pick up what we need and Bob’s yer uncle (If you do this, it will be ok).”

An hour later, we were munching on chook and avo sangers (chicken and avocado sandwiches. The Dude made me a cuppa (cup of tea or coffee) while he cracked a tinnie (open a can of beer), both perfect to wash down lunch and the lamingtons with! I must say we were as happy as pigs in mud (very happy)!

Happy Australia Day to all the true blue Aussies out there! I hope you have enjoyed reading this and perhaps picked up some Australian slang along the way! You can find more Aussie slang here!


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