T.G.I.F-Thank goodness it’s fried

I know, I know, it’s only January- too early in the new year for this, especially when almost everyone I know is on a new diet / exercise routine, but I just could not resist it today!

I’ve been really good diet wise in the past few days – veggies galore pile my plate, no baking which means only fruits (nature’s natural sweetener) for dessert and lots of water (no nasty soft drinks) to quench my thirst. Perhaps a little treat, given that it’s Friday won’t do no harm?

So when we walked past our local fish and chip shop, instead of making our usual detour to the salad bar, we went up to the counter and got ourselves some of our favourite fried delights (fish, calamari and lots of chips *woohoo*)!

There was a little healthy salad that came with our meal but since it was fried-day*chuckle*, we gave it a miss and focused instead on the hot, crispy and crunchy golden seafood!

A sizzling end to the work week 🙂 ! Happy Fried-Day everyone !!

Do you have a favourite fried food? I’ll love to hear what it is!


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