The adventures of Sumo Dan

I’ve been doing a little origami on the side recently. I won’t say that it has developed into an obsession but it does occupy me for a good hour or so when I get into it. It’s one of the little ways I chill out from looking after Bugs (boy is parenting a 24/7 role!).

I love how easy it is to get started on origami – just a piece of square paper, some instructions and you are good to go! And the things that you can fold out of that little piece of paper are retry amazing!

Here are two recent ‘masterpieces’ that I folded:

A sumo wrestler with his hair, face and mawashi ( that’s the belt) coloured in.

A piece of fried chicken drumstick. I’ve folded it in orange paper to make it look more realistic.

I quite like my little paper sumo wrestler! In fact, I fancy him so much I’ve named him Dan and was pretty inspired to compose a little limerick featuring him:

There was once a sumo wrestler named Dan
Who loved to eat as much as he can
He went to buy some fried chicken from KFC
But ended up getting stung by a bee
Which really wasn’t part of his plan!

I had lots of fun coming up with this post- Hope it left a smile on your face as it did for mine :)!

P.S: Stay tuned for more adventures of Sumo Dan!!

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