Hero worship

If you’ve ever watched Masterchef Australia, read Masterchef or GoodFood Australia magazines, dined or heard about the Fenix restaurant or The Maribyrnong Boathouse in Melbourne, you’ll probably be able to guess who I’m talking about. Yes that’s right – its none other than the talented celebrity chef Gary Mehigan!

The Dude is a huge fan of Gary’s cooking. He religiously buys every food magazine that showcases Gary’s recipes, scrutinises each one intently and follows it to the letter. There was even a point in recent times that every sentence that The Dude uttered began with “Gary said” (or some variation along those lines)!

This afternoon, The Dude whipped out his cooking bible (Gary Mehigan’s Comfort Food) and decided to make us some cheese pies for lunch. The grand master had written this recipe to be served as appetisers but the disciple felt confident enough to vary it and make it a main dish. “I’m just going to use a bigger muffin pan and upsize the ingredients- it’s still true to the spirit of the recipe!” The Dude reasoned.

Away the disciple went, into his little corner of the kitchen, engrossed in perfecting his handmade creations. He carefully measured out each square of puff pastry, sliced the goat’s cheese into symmetrical rounds and lovingly wrapped prosciutto around it before carefully assembling it all into the muffin pan. Just almost like how Gary would have done it.

Half an hour later and the result…..

Six absolutely delicious, melt in your mouth, buttery cheese pies that simply smelt heavenly the moment they came out of the oven! The flavours of the goat’s cheese and prosciutto melded together to produce one awesome savoury pie and an extremely satisfying lunch!

Gary would have been so proud!



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