Cinnamon spice and all things nice

One of the hardest things, I am finding, of being newly minted stay-at-home mom (SAHM) is the isolation and solitude that you are suddenly faced with. Gone are the mates you used to grab takeaway coffees with, the lunch partners or colleagues you shared a gossip or two with. These networks are no longer part of your (new) everyday life.

So when fellow SAHM Cinnamon called and suggested a mums and bubs lunch date, I wasted no time in agreeing and let out a big “Yippee” in the process!

It had been ages since I last saw Cinnamon and her little one. We first met each other almost a year ago in pre natal class, when our bellies were swollen with baby. And then in the maternity ward when we discovered that we had both given birth to our little ones on the same day! Before parting ways, we exchanged numbers and promised to keep in touch with one another but had never been able to find a good time till today!


Our long overdue meet up was at a cozy little cafe that made yummy piadinas and tasty coffee. In between sips and bites, we spent our time swapping war stories, mommy tips, baby tales and photos of what had passed between us since we last met, while simultaneously ensuring our little ones were well entertained.

At the end of it all, I had a new mommy friend and had spent a lovely afternoon out with Bugs. And sure enough, that cheered me up and made the loneliness in my heart go away!


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