Made with love

Wow. That was the word that popped into our minds when this recipe for homemade Nutella crossed our paths recently. “Is that even possible? I can’t fathom how can anyone recreate that winning nutty chocolate taste right in your own kitchen!” The number one Nutella fan of the household exclaimed. There was only one thing to do to extinguish that doubt – follow the steps and make some Nutella!

The recipe was straightforward enough- roast some hazelnuts (if you love the smell of roasted nuts, this will be a real treat for you!), melt some chocolate, blitz it with some cocoa powder, sugar, oil and Voila!Your very own homemade hazelnut spread, ready for you to enjoy in whatever way you like!

We were too excited whilst making the spread that we forgot to take some step-by-step shots (ok I confess- we were too busy licking chocolate off our fingers) but here’s how the final product looks like :


It’s pretty runny at first glance but just pop it in the fridge for a day and take it out to thaw and the texture will be pretty similar to the store bought *turn nose up* version (See picture below).

Most importantly, it tastes just like the Nutella that you know but it’s even better because it has been handmade with love! All we could think of was Wow as we ate the rich, moreish, nutty, milk chocolate sweetness in the way we loved the most – straight out of a spoon!

Do you love Nutella? What’s your favourite way of eating it?


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