The art of window dressing

Have you ever spent time observing window displays? Have you come across one that stopped you in your tracks and kept you staring at it because it was so interesting, pretty, humourous, (add your own adjective here)? That (window gazing) was exactly what we did when we headed out for a stroll around the shops this afternoon.

I am no visual artist – artistic talent runs very dry in the family, but I was able to spot a few window displays that really stood out from the usual “here are my wares, take it or leave it” approach.

Here are the ones that made the cut (do pardon the photos, it was a really sunny day and pretty difficult to capture a non reflecting shot outdoors!):

Lovely white flower ball bouquets from a florist’s display window.

Freshly baked bread, olive oil and other produce displayed at an Italian restaurant’s window.

This is for all you motorbike fans out there – a chopper displayed at a men’s clothing shop’s window.

I bet you can tell that Valentine’s day is coming soon from the many heart shaped boxes displayed at the window of this chocolate confectionery shop.

How about a hat or two for you? Grab a jewellery tree and make it three at the pharmacy!

A romantic French setting displayed at another pharmacy’s display window (much better shot as it was indoors).

Some might say that this was probably the best window display of the lot!

Happy Hump Day everyone!


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