There’s something about bottles

This post is dedicated to my inquisitive little Bugs

There’s something about bottles
That my little one likes
I’m not sure what it is
But it makes her chuckle with utter delight!

It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small
Or little or tall
As long as its a bottle
And it’s not too colossal!

She’ll squeal and squeak at the sight of it
She’ll do everything in her power and won’t quit
Just to get her hands on that plastic container
Because she knows just how much it will entertain her!

Once it’s in her hands
And as if it was preplanned
She’ll study closely its every part
As if it’s a piece of art!

Oh what a joy it is
To see my little one in a state of happy bliss
All because of a simple little toy
Which by the way, is cheaper than a trip to see the Bolshoi!



One thought on “There’s something about bottles

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