Bugs’s first bumblebee

Our little Bugs attended her very first music class today! We had planned for her to commence her lifelong appreciation of music sometime last year and had been looking forward with some anticipation for this day to arrive.

But introducing something new to Bugs always makes me a little nervous – Will she enjoy it? Will she decide that music doesn’t rock her world and protest throughout the class? How would I then be able to share my love of Michael Jackson songs with her? These questions, and many more, occupied my thoughts throughout the week.

We arrived at the class and were warmly welcomed by the music teacher into the room. He handed us a few musical instruments – a tambourine and a couple of shakers and instructed us at which stage in the session they would be used. I nervously kept my eye on Bugs while we waited for the class to commence.

The teacher whipped out his guitar and began strumming a little tune that incorporated the names of all the babies in the room. And as if on cue, Bugs began bopping to the rhythm ! I glanced around the room and found most of the babies doing pretty much the same thing. My eyes caught the gaze of a few other parents and we smiled at each other, silently acknowledging the relief that had overcome us.

Our little one did enjoy the rest of the class- she gladly tapped along to the tunes, fingered the musical instruments with curious enthusiasm and was generally happy taking in the musical atmosphere that had been specially created to enhance her senses. And to complete the experience, our little Bugs received her first everWell done for participating” stamp in the shape of a bumblebee!

There were a few proud faces at the end of the session and I was definitely one of them!



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