Viking gold

Ah…. Nordicware….. The mere mention of this cookware brand sends tingles of happiness down my spine and conjures up images in my mind of Viking folk hard at work in the kitchen. One can’t be certain if Vikings did use such superior tools in their daily cookery but we are not here to discuss about that today!

I was pretty stoked to find this Nordicware mini cake pan (See image below) going for a song during a recent trip to Costco. Nordicware is frightfully expensive in this part of the world and the shops charge an arm and a leg ( and possibly a few toes as well) for quality imported cookware.

I’ll admit the cute zoo animals appealed strongly to the animal lover in me- who can resist eating a little giraffe or rhino shaped cake for tea?

There were a couple of lemons languishing in our fruit bowl and that presented the perfect opportunity to try out the new cake pan with our favourite lemon muffin recipe.The Dude, resident baker of the house, wasted no time in whipping up a small test batch of 4 cakelets :

How cute do these little animal cakelets look! The pictures (and my poor photography skills) do not do any justice to how adorable they look in real life! They tasted as good as they looked – crisp and golden on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, each with that delicious buttery taste with a hint of zesty lemon in every bite!

Mmmmmm…….. I can’t wait to try another recipe on this gem of a cake pan!



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