In the mood for love

With Valentine’s day not too far away (8 days if anyone is keeping track), I thought I might give everyone a head start in getting into the mood for love with a series of V-day inspired snaps:

20120206-213716.jpgRose and hibiscus iced tea – the perfect non alcoholic tipple for your sweetheart and you….

Ahhhh….Wouldn’t it be great to hear those two words from your loved one at six a.m in the morning, when you’ve been up all night with a sick infant and smell somewhat like a mixture of sweat and vomit combined?

20120206-214931.jpgWhat’s V-day without roses? The more the merrier, so say florists everywhere….

20120206-215109.jpgThere’ll be lots of kisses going around on February 14 so why not wear the biggest one you can find and make a fashion statement!

20120206-215717.jpgA question no doubt on many people’s minds, especially if you happen to be Prince Charming (Cinderella’s beau)…

20120206-215947.jpgA lady can’t go on a date without a pretty dress! Make it red and you’ll get ahead!

20120206-220322.jpgAnd to coordinate with your lady love’s outfit, crimson loafers for the guys!

20120206-220751.jpgThanks Phil Collins and the tie/sock shop- now the song is stuck in my head and I can’t stop humming it!

20120206-220912.jpgYou can always count on finding Cupid under the erm…… lampshade….

20120206-221046.jpgA little Passion Pop or Chandon bubbly ( depending on your budget) to add some sparkle into your love life!

20120206-221229.jpgThey say you shouldn’t be calculative in love, perhaps this calculator is a gentle reminder of that truth….

20120206-221448.jpgFor some, love is someone taking out the garbage unconditionally….

20120206-221908.jpgNo V-day can be complete without a little sweetness, preferably chocolate if you please!

Bugs and I had lots of fun taking these pictures today – hope you enjoyed them! Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments!


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