Hello mister nice guy


Cartwheels. That was what I literally felt like doing when that little white box appeared on our kitchen counter this evening. Only problem was I didn’t know how to cartwheel but that does not matter, let’s put aside my acrobatic deficiencies for now.

The Dude, obviously somewhat inspired by my attempts at getting us into the mood for love, made a special pit stop to the cupcake station at the market and brought back a couple of these babies:


Red velvet cupcakes! Oh I had been craving BIG time for something sweet ever since we finished those animal shaped lemon cakelets in a flash! I gingerly opened the lid and found these two little beauties sitting inside:


My heart fluttered with excitement as I gently took one out and placed it on a plate.

It seemed almost too tiny to share. But I remembered that The Dude had been suffering from massive sugar withdrawals just like me. I gallantly mentioned that half of that dessert was for him. The Dude accepted my proposal, only after insisting that a bigger portion went to me ( two thirds for me, one third for him, in case all you maths aficionados are wondering).

The cupcakes were pretty good – moist on the inside, with a decadent (but oh so necessary) cream cheese frosting on the top! They gave me such a sugar rush that I could not stop smiling for the better half of the evening! Mister Nice Guy cupcakes from the resident Mr Nice(est) Guy – what a sweet way to end the day!

I hope your day has been sweet too! If not, hopefully those red velvet cupcake photos have added a little sugar in your life today!


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