A perfect date

What would your idea of a perfect date be like? The Dude and I pondered over this question as we enjoyed the last of our red velvet cupcake over dinner.

“Well, for starters, the weather has to be perfect – blue sunny skies, with no impending gloomy clouds in the distance,” I remarked, “It’s romantic, I know, to share an umbrella in the rain. But think of what you can do outdoors in fine weather, without having to worry about streaking makeup or wet, soggy socks! ”


“Hmmmm…. good point,” The Dude responded, “We could then do one of those outdoorsy activities, like say grabbing a couple of bicycles and cycle leisurely along the river!


“And if we find a nice, scenic spot, we could lay out the picnic rug and enjoy some sweet strawberries and cream that we picked up at a farmer’s market earlier,” I remarked.


“And then,” I enthused, “We could cycle to that little Italian cafe that you’ve always wanted to try and sip coffees by the fountain. A lovely affogato will so hit the spot on a warm day – just thinking of that cool vanilla gelato swimming in intense espresso liquid makes my mouth water.”


“Ah!” My partner in crime exclaimed, ” We’ll then be in the area to catch a movie or two! The cinema in the vicinity offers pre-show entertainment that’s free! Just imagine -listening to piano jazz and sipping on some merlot right before our feature film- how great does that sound!”


“And,” he continued, “We can top it all off with a trip to the creperie for some out of this world Nutella crepes! Or classic lemon and sugar ones if you are not in the mood for chocolate.”


At this point, our little daydreaming session was interrupted by Bugs who indicated that it was close to her bedtime.

“You know what,” The Dude whispered to me as we brought our sleeping angel to bed for the night, “Spending time with Bugs is really my idea of a perfect date. No fancy food or exciting activities. Just some time away from the pressures of the world to enjoy some precious moments with our little one is all I hope for this Valentine’s day.”

I could not have agreed more.


Have you thought about what your perfect date will be like? What would it involve? I’ll love to hear your thoughts!


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