Homemade inspiration

Have you started planning gifts for your sweetheart for Valentine’s day? Is something homemade and edible right up your alley? Then this post might inspire you!

I did a double take when walking past one of the bookshelves of our local library today. There, sitting right in the middle amongst other nondescript books was this gem of a cookbook:


The cover picture was too enticing for me to pass this up. It did made me feel a little like Gollum from Lord of The Rings (my pwecious)- I just had to have it. I wasted no time in borrowing it and scuttled back home as quickly as I could so that I could spend a few minutes flipping through it before the madness of the dinner feed descended on us.

I’ll have to say that Annie Riggs and the person who styled this book are geniuses! How thoughtful and handy to have the recipes sorted by the seasons (allowing you to make full use of available produce)! The recipes were easy to understand and the pictures looked good enough to eat!

Here are a few Valentines appropriate edible gifts I’ve shortlisted from the book (there were too many to choose from!) which I seriously think no one would mind receiving on any occasion:

20120209-221742.jpg Raspberry and rose
chocolate wafers
-The cover recipe, anyone will be over the moon to receive a box of that! *Drool*

20120209-222230.jpg Love heart sugar cubes – Accompany it with a note that says “My heart dissolves when you’re not around”!

20120209-222640.jpgRaspberry, lemon and almond friands – these looked like they were going to pop out of the page! *Double drool*

20120209-222854.jpgValentines cakes – I bet your valentine will be grinning from ear to ear if he/she gets this!

20120209-223523.jpgSea salt caramels– oh I can just imagine that sweet and salty contrasting combination in my mouth! *Must stop drooling as book is getting wet*

20120209-223740.jpgHeart shaped lollipops – a lollipop in one hand and your sweetheart’s hand in the other, life’s as perfect as it can be!

Even Bugs could not resist taking a peek and drooling at the pictures in the book!


Hopefully this has given you some inspiring edible gift ideas (or if not, at least provided a few pretty food pictures for you to drool look at)!


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