G is for ….


Greville street! Bugs and I had recently discovered this lovely little rather bohemian shopping strip on our way to music class. The shopping district itself is tucked away in a little side street, with only a tiny sign indicating its existence- it’s no wonder I had walked past it many times and not noticed it at all!

Home to many independent shops (and a sprinkling of chain stores), Greville street has that nice, laid-back, artistic atmosphere that makes you feel like you could spend the whole day browsing through the stores or watching people pass by in one of the many unique cafes.

We took a few shots today to try and capture the relaxed, quirky vibe of the area- hope you enjoy them and it puts you into the right mood to kick start the weekend :)!

20120210-220251.jpg A men’s clothes pop up store (these seem to be the rage nowadays), with the reflection of the grand Prahran library against the store window.

20120210-220754.jpgAn institution of Greville Street -Palm beads, where you can find jewels such as these…..

20120210-220910.jpg in that very “in” colour of the moment -Valentine rose red!

20120210-221057.jpgFancy a gnome for your home?

20120210-221305.jpgA series of little water features that we spotted in the open courtyard.

20120210-221902.jpgI wonder what lies behind those doors- perhaps another mysterious magical world where artists roam free?

20120210-222003.jpg The Massive Wieners hot dog shop – can you spot the bow tie on the guy manning the counter?

20120210-222220.jpgNo better way to kick off the weekend than with a pint or two at the local!

20120210-222326.jpgOr a can of Red Bull, to give you wings!

20120210-222437.jpgG is for Greville and for these *goodness gracious* groovy guitars!

20120210-223029.jpgProbably one of the quirkier stores we came across…

20120210-223302.jpg…where you can get your coffee, cake, clothes, homewares, books here in one stop!

20120210-223337.jpgThis clothing store has obviously been inspired by America (the band).

20120210-223641.jpgStrolling down the strip with my cute pet whippets on a relaxing Friday afternoon!

Hip hop hooray! The weekend is finally here! Till tomorrow everyone!


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