Splish splash!

“It’s a brand new year so everyone in the family gets to try something new,” The Dude addressed Bugs enthusiastically while changing her nappy early this morning. “Mommy has her blogging, daddy has his baking and you, my little guppy, have your first swimming lesson today!”
Bugs continued fingering her favourite soft drink bottle, oblivious to the bustle created by her excited (and very nervous) parents who were busy packing for the big event.

“Hooded towel..check, spare change of clothes…check, some coins for parking… Yeap there are some here in my purse. All right we are good to g… oh wait! We have to change Bugs first!” I exclaimed, while attempting to zip up a very bloated duffle bag that we had selected to store our essentials.

“Here, I’ll settle the bag while you prepare yourself and Bugs.” The Dude remarked to me after seeing me struggling pointlessly with the bag after a few minutes.


“We’re going into the pool together, you and me,” I announced to Bugs as I dressed her in a pair of waterproof nappies ( no wee in the pool!) and her little pink swimsuit, “You’re going to like it, just like how Ariel the little mermaid loves the sea.”


We finally made our way to the pool and arrived right on time for the swimming lesson.
“First time?” The instructor queried. I nodded my head in response. “Don’t worry, it’ll be lots of fun, we are going to do some submerging in the water today, soon you’ll be swimming in no time!” He tickled Bugs on the tummy with his finger, Bugs took a glance at him and turned her head away nonchalantly in search of more interesting sights.

I lowered myself into the shallow pool and gestured to The Dude to hand me Bugs. I then gingerly lowered her into the water and waited for a reaction.
“Hmmm… she is not crying,” I muttered quietly, “Let’s see what will happen if I swoosh her around a little.”

The water lapped up around Bugs’s shoulders and created mini waves which splashed a few drops onto Bug’s face. Bugs did not protest– we had half expected she would. Instead she was fully absorbed in the new experience. Occasionally a tiny smile flashed across her face but that was quickly replaced by a concentrated look of someone keen to explore how floating in water feels like.

The swimming lesson progressed along smoothly till it came to the point when we had to submerge our babies in the water. Bugs had a few goes at trying it out but decided that she needed more time to get used to the new activity.

“You did VERY well Bugs!” I shrilled while towelling down our little guppy who seemed pleased to be out of the water. ” WHO was AWESOME today? ” The Dude boomed loudly, “THAT was YOU! Give me a hi-five!” He clapped Bug’s palm against his and our little one responded with a cheeky grin.

“Wow, that went better than expected.” The Dude commented on the drive home. “I’m glad too that she enjoyed her first swim class!” I replied softly as we gently lifted our sleeping water baby out of the car seat and made our way back home.


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