Edible love

Yikes! Valentine’s day is tomorrow! How quickly the week has flown by! Have you prepared something special for your sweetheart yet? If you have been pretty busy like me or the thought has only recently entered your mind, no fear – there is still time to rustle up a last minute gift, just like what I did today in a matter of minutes! And all it took were some items around the house and the secret ingredient…wait for it….M&Ms!

It’s no secret that The Dude loves anything chocolate and anything peanut. If not for the fact that eating copiously large amounts of these two ingredients is pretty unhealthy, I think The Dude would be content to have them solely for every meal every day!

That gave me the inspiration for my last minute Valentine’s day gift. What confectionery other than M&Ms would be more perfect for a chocolate and peanut fanatic like him?

I checked my watch – I had an hour before The Dude would arrive home. I quickly headed out to the nearby supermarket, bought a bag of M&Ms (peanut ones of course) and separated them according to the various colours.


I then rummaged the house for a container of sorts to hold the candies. A empty glass jar was the perfect receptacle to show off the rainbow colours.

I started to fill the jar with some M&Ms. Then another idea struck me- what if I hid a little love note in the jar? A secret message would be a real pleasant surprise!

I scribbled down my Valentine’s day message on some spare paper, inserted the note into the jar and continued filling it with the candies (You can see the pink paper sticking out amongst the green M&M’s in the picture below)


I tried to create a little pattern at the top most layer – the three red M&Ms represent The Dude, Bugs and me – a little lame I know but hey, time was ticking and peanut M&Ms are not perfectly symmetrical! Anyway I thought they looked cute!


Once the jar was filled, it was time to decorate it. There were some old stickers, labels and ribbons in my craft bag which I mixed and matched together to best effect. First of all I had to write the label…

“Edible love” was what I called my little jar of sweets. A little unoriginal but I was really pressed for time!

The ribbon and a sticker were the first decorations to go on….


Then the label and more stickers were added to complete the look! Here’s the finished product…


And another shot of it close up….


I was really happy that I managed to make this before The Dude got back home! I do hope he likes it! Hopefully this has inspired you as well to create your own last minute Valentine’s day gift!

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