Endless possibilities

Do you love to recycle?

Ever wished you could do something with those empty cardboard boxes, paper cups or plastic containers that are lying around at home?

Was Lego or arts and craft or playing make believe your favourite activity as a kid?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, you are going to be pretty excited with what I am about to share with you!

I did a bit of window shopping today and picked up this little thingamajig going for a steal at a closing down sale:


Here’s what’s inside the tube:


“What is this?” I hear you say- Well, it’s the one and only super innovative Makedo! To put it simply, Makedo is a connector system that helps you join anything you can find around you like cardboard and bottles together so that you can build your very own sculpture/ toy/ costume / (insert your masterpiece name here).

Each Makedo kit consists of plastic clips (the blue stuff), hinges and a safe-saw, all the tools you need to get started and a way better alternative to using your standard glue, staples, tape and scissors I say! And best of all, you get to do your bit for the planet and have fun at the same time by upcycling unwanted materials! That’s the greenie in me talking!

Still not convinced? Think I am a little batty from all that sugar I consumed on Valentine’s day? Take a look at these amazing, jaw dropping creations that have been fashioned from simple materials by people like you and me:

A little cardboard cubby house with a working door! Doesn’t that flower planter by the window sill look cute?


What cubby house would be complete without a life-like cardboard kitchen? Having microwave to reheat your meals is so essential these days!


Imagine flying to Button Moon (anyone remember this British kids show from the eighties?) in this make believe aeroplane! Mr Spoon would be proud!


Oh what fun it is to play, with a giant soccer ball all day!


Relaxing by the water just took on a whole new meaning with this paper sculpture of a lady…


If you’re like me and can’t visualise making anything out of anything that has been put in front of you, fear not! The Makedo online store sells all-in-one project kits which contains detailed instructions (in addition to what’s in the tube) that guide you to make your very own….

Space pod….


Flowers in a pot….


Or pop up grocery shop, just to name a few!


I thought the grocery store would be the perfect place for me to sell my small (but growing) collection of crochet fruit, if I ever needed some extra money.


There truly are endless possibilities with this toy! I can’t wait to get started on my first Makedo creation! Do stay tuned!

You can find the projects that have been featured here and more at Makedo. If you have any suggestions on what I should make for my first project, I’ll really love to hear them!


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