*Om nom nom nom*

Ten. Ten days. It’s been ten days since any home baking took place in our little abode. That’s far too long in my opinion!

Thankfully our resident baker thought so too. At the crack of dawn (baking and early mornings seem to go together, much like Oreos and milk), The Dude got down to some serious baking business, using a couple of recipes that he had previously selected from our old copies of GoodFood Australia.

First up were a batch of delicious vanilla chocolate chip muffins – made with Lindt dark chocolate, creamy organic butter and free range eggs! Waking up to the extremely pleasant smells of these sweet little cakes baking in the oven is something one would not mind reliving everyday!

The muffins were tasty enough but probably the Pièce de résistance of today’s bake off were these double chocolate chewy cookies! They kind of reminded me of cookies that Cookie Monster voraciously devours in most Sesame Street episodes.

If you are looking for some handheld decadence to indulge in that would give Famous Amos a run for its money, this would be it! Rich but not too sweet, with the unique burnt sugar taste that you get from using brown sugar and with dark chocolate oozing out in every bite, these are definitely the best chocolate cookies I have tasted in a while!

Even the cookie dough was really yummy! The Dude saved a little ball of it to mix into ice cream (à la Ben and Jerry’s) for dessert later in the day!

I hope my little slice of home baking heaven has brightened up your day! Now please excuse me while I go into a little corner and do my best Cookie Monster impression with those cookies! *Om nom nom nom*

Image of one of my favourite muppets from Muppet Wiki.

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