Right said Fred

It’s finally Friday so I thought I might get everyone into the weekend mood with a little bit of fun – kitchen fun to be specific!

I picked this little package up at the market recently- can you guess what it is?

Not too sure? Here’s what it looks like without the fancy packaging…

20120217-223145.jpg if you guessed that it must have something to do with bananas, you are absolutely right! It’s a banana cutter – a nifty tool that slices the yellow fruit up into perfect symmetrical rounds for fruit salads, crepes and pretty much anything you need sliced banana for!

I thought my little market discovery was quite out there in terms of quirky kitchen gadgets till The Dude reminded me of the ones that we used to see selling at Borders bookshops ( sad face – Borders closed Australia wide last year) from World Wide Fred .

If you’ve not heard of World Wide Fred, you’ll probably be intrigued by them after this post! They are probably one of my favorite design companies – their unique, fun, tongue in cheek products never fails to put a smile (or big chuckle) on my face!

Here are a selection of their quirky goods which I couldn’t resist sharing:

Ninjabread men cookie cutters for martial arts aficionados ( I happen to know a few) or if you just want your gingerbread men to look like they are doing something other than just standing around.


Probably my favourite of the lot – A.B.C (already been chewed) cookie cutters! Life’s not all that perfect in gingerbread men land it seems!


The Batter Finger spatula -brings new meaning to the phrase ” I caught you with your finger in the bowl!”! Guilty look not included with spatula.


Somedays I love wine, somedays I love beer. What about the days when I want to have both? I am glad this Winestein kind of solves the dilemma for me. Kind of.


Apparently the gorilla in this Kitchen Kong whisk helps to make your baked goods extra smooth and creamy. I wonder what else it will do if it is released from its mini prison?


These Nomskulls cupcake moulds will be great for freaking out the guests during Halloween….


As will this Crustache – moustache sandwich cutter be perfect for MoNovember!


Hahaha these Lickety pop makers really put a (tongue) twist on your standard icy pop containers, don’t they? Now repeat this after me -“She sells seashells by the seashore, the shells she sells are seashells I’m sure!”

All images from World Wide Fred

There are heaps more quirky stuff over at the official World Wide Fred website to check out if you are keen to have a laugh ( and possibly a little chuckle)!

Nevertheless looking at those pictures did put me in a lighthearted frame of mind to begin enjoying the weekend and hopefully it did the same for you too!


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