The finer points of sausage dogs

Meet our latest addition to the household – Chorizo! The Dude and I had always wanted a
sausage dog of our own but given that Bugs is still a tiny munchkin, we thought it would be best to defer any pet rearing till later.

But there was an empty tissue box and egg carton crying out to us to not chuck them in the bin. So after a brief discussion of five minutes, we decided to change our plans and make a little pet using those two materials, some magazine cutouts and our handy Makedo kit. Half an hour later, Chorizo the sausage dog was born!


I must say the little guy is quite a sprightly little fellow! Here he is with his tongue sticking out….


Lying on his side on the couch taking a short break….


Sneaking up to Bugs and The Dude as quietly as he could….


Chorizo got bored of the house after a while and started to hover around the door. That’s when we decided to bring him out for a walk.


We brought Chorizo to the AstroTurf green (fake grass for fake dog) nearby, carrying our excited puppy in a shopping bag.


I tried to teach him to fetch a twig but the little fella would not bite.

Strangely enough, he became extremely excited when I placed a lemon in front of him!


Chorizo was pretty happy outdoors enjoying the last days of summer. But after a while, just like Bugs, he wanted us to bring him home for a nap. We’ll probably plan another family outing with Chorizo soon – I wonder if he’ll like swimming?


P.S: In case you are wondering, the title of today’s post is from the novel of the same name by the fantastic Alexander McCall Smith! It’s a really hilarious read and I can’t recommend it enough!


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