A cook’s paradise

It’s market day today! If you have been following the blog, you probably know how much I adore the local market near us! We had a little extra time after shopping so I decided to visit one of our favourite stores –The Essential Ingredient!


If you are a keen foodie or are searching for an obscure ingredient / fancy kitchen implement to complete your edible creation, this store is for you! It’s literally a mind boggling Aladdin’s cave of everything you need (or want) cooking wise in one handy location – right next to the market!

I love visiting the store, especially on quiet mornings when there’s lots of space for you to browse around. There is always so much to take in at each visit -from exotic imported ingredients to coveted kitchen equipment and gadgets, the store is filled to the brim with delightful cooking essentials! Plus, if you are keen, the store holds regular cooking lessons taught by well known industry chefs. I’ve personally not been to one but I’ve heard rave reviews about a few classes from those who have. This place is like paradise on earth for cooks I think!

Here’s a sample of what interested me on this recent visit:

Whole green Greek figs in a can – most delicious stirred through yoghurt or as a topping on cakes…..mmmm… heavenly…


Pastel coloured Persian fairy floss – kind of like candy floss but finer and just as lovely to eat on its own!


A myriad of chutneys and relishes which would be perfect to accompany an Indian or Middle Eastern inspired meal!


I love this French tea towel with a chateau printed on it- too bad it was too pricey for me to take it home!


Japanese brand Zero teapots and accessories in all colours of the rainbow to suit your mood!


Tins and tins of the famous Spanish La Dalia sweet paprika! Or pimentón as you die hard foodies call it!


If I wish upon a star, I hope one of these KitchenAid mixers would magically appear in my car!


These delicate rose biscuits look almost too pretty to eat! But won’t they be just exquisite for tea, daaaahlings?


The shelves are full of bottles of various spices– I love the beautiful copper cookware right at the top!


These delicate, hand crafted bowls were almost as thin as paper! I could not bear to hold them for fear of breaking them!


I’ve saved the best find for last – these rectangular blocks are Himalayan salt bricks! Use them for serving, cooking (heat up your salt brick and cook on its surface), for seasoning (smash it or grate it to get the salt) or for curing fish! Insane!


Have a fantastic Tuesday everyone -hopefully the pictures have spiced up your day a little, if not, sprinkling some pimentón into your food no doubt will!

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