Sunshine and gratitude

We are really at the tail end of summer now -just a few more days to go before autumn officially descends on us (although the weather might take a couple of weeks to turn cooler)! We woke up this morning to a mild temperatures and lovely, golden sunshine!

I sat out in the open, with Bugs cooing happily on my lap, gazing at the golden rays streaming through the tree branches in the cool morning air. I had been feeling a little grumpy recently, much like Eeyore the famous donkey from the hundred acre wood.

Somehow, experiencing that beautiful moment amongst nature reminded me of all the things I had to be grateful for and I scribbled down a list. Here are the top few items on my list:

I am grateful for….

-being able to see, smell, touch, hear and taste without pain.

– being able to experience the love and cuddles from my family.

-being able to experience the miracle of seeing Bugs grow and blossom everyday.

-never having to feel hungry or thirsty or destitute on a daily basis.

-being able to make a choice each day to live life in any way I would like it to be, preferably to the fullest if fate lets me.

Making that list helped put things in perspective for me – I must say I felt more like bouncy Tigger rather than gloomy Eeyore after reading it! Funny how a little bit of sunshine can brighten your mood and change your mind!

I took a picture of the beautiful sunshine I experienced this morning – hopefully it inspires you to create your own little list too!



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