The new black

The rumours are true. It’s time for me to confess – I am somewhat of a thrifty toad (there were other animals beginning with the letter “T” like the tsetse fly which did not seem appropriate) and am proud of it!

I love shopping when things are on special. I pack my meals and rarely eat out. I scour the market weekly for fresh food bargains. I visit the local library regularly to get my fix of the latest books and magazines. Saving those hard earned pennies always makes me feel pretty chuffed with myself, much like how one feels if he/she had given a brilliant presentation or lecture to a large audience and received a standing ovation! And it helps that almost everyone thinks that being thrifty is the way to go nowadays, some might even say it’s the new black!

I had an opportunity to apply my thrifty skills in the kitchen today. There was a bit of butternut pumpkin and organic sweet potato left over from making Bugs’s dinner. It wasn’t enough to make into a mash or soup but seemed such a waste to throw in the bin (remember it’s your money that gets thrown away as well when you junk food !). I was stumped about what to do with it.


“Add it to the rice!” a little voice in my head suddenly whispered. That was a novel idea, I thought – I’ve never had pumpkin & sweet potato rice before, I wonder how it would taste like! I wasted no time in finely chopping up the ingredients, mixed it in with some rice and water and left the rest to my trusty rice cooker to work its magic.

The result? Orange hued rice! The root vegetables added a lovely natural sweetness which complemented trials amine rice and made it quite pretty to look as well! I was very glad that no unnecessary food waste occurred today! *Loud applause*


Do you have some thrifty, penny pinching tips of your own? I’ll love to hear them -please share if you do!


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