In the heat of the moment

I was in need of some serious cooling down today. The mercury had hit 36 degrees by mid afternoon and felt as if it was going to rise further. In a bid to avoid the heat, we decided to stay indoors in cool air conditioning comfort.

But that did not seem enough to cool me down – it was a really hot day and I felt like I needed something refreshing to lift my spirits up in this heat wave. I decided to jump online and find the best thirst quenching drink that caught my fancy.

For some weird reason, as if it had been possessed, my fingers typed the words “watermelon juice” in the search bar. Images like those below started popping up on my screen….

20120224-215155.jpgImage from

20120224-215411.jpgImage from CitySip

The images of watermelon juice looked refreshing enough to quench my thirst and drown out the heat. I picked out a recipe, rang The Dude and asked him to make a detour to the supermarket before heading home.

When the prized watermelon ( and other side ingredients) finally made its way back home in the evening, the weather had not turned any better. The temperature was still hovering around the mid thirties. I felt drained and exhausted (mainly from the multiple toilet trips I had to make from consuming glass after glass of cold water).

I laid out the ingredients for my watermelon juice and began slicing the watermelon into cubes.


I am not quite sure why it happened, perhaps the heat had finally got to me -right after slicing that watermelon, I continued on cutting up a whole host of fruits (a lemon, a nectarine, a mango and a pineapple), all of which were not required in the recipe for watermelon juice! The blender looked like this when I finished my cutting spree….


A few whizzes later and lo and behold! My accidental elixir was born….


Refreshingly sweet and healthy (only fruits and some cold water, no added sugar), this was the perfect tipple for a sizzling hot summer’s evening! Even though it was created in the heat of the moment! Have a great Friday everyone!

P.S: Here’s the watermelon juice recipe that I had initially planned to make! It has a touch of ginger which will add a nice buzz to the drink!


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