Plastic obsession

20120225-222129.jpg Oh I am such a sucker for plastic food containers! I can’t really explain what is it about them that attracts me enough to collect them -maybe its their versatility, the fact that they help you to get organised in the kitchen, the many interesting styles and colours, I just do not know! So when I came across this large cake box going on sale for half the original price at the local supermarket, I literally froze in my tracks.

“How coincidental that The Dude has just baked a square cake as well!” I mused to myself, “Surely that and the price tag are signs from the heavens above to procure this for the house!”

I showed off my latest purchase to The Dude who wasted no time in pointing out to me that the cupboard where we stored all our plastic food containers was almost bursting at the seams.

“But this is different!” I spluttered, “Look how perfectly the cake fits into it!”

“You can always slice up the cake and fit it into the other containers that we have.” The Dude replied.

“True, but this was on special!” I argued back, “Plus you can store everything in one place! Think about keeping slices and cookies and jammy biscuits in this box!” There was no reply – the battle had been won for the time being.

“We’ll have to do something about your plastic ware obsession,” The Dude commented later in the evening in between bites of the cake, “Like maybe get rid of some old ones to make more space in the cupboard.”

“Never!” I initially cried out, clutching tightly to the cake box. Common sense and the sight of the full cupboard finally got the better of me and I conceded to The Dude “Ok maybe we’ll keep them till something new comes up on special!”



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