A little bird told me….

…that a special little someone’s first birthday is coming up soon! That’s right dear readers! Our beloved Bugs’s is turning one soon!

I decided to try my hand at making some handmade invitation cards this round. The guest list was small and the odds of successfully pulling it off seemed stacked in my favour.

Only problem was I had no clue how to get started or go about doing it (DIY card making). Thankfully the folks at Rock Paper Scissors were around to lend a hand when we visited them last weekend.

In fact, they were kind enough to not giggle in my face when I explained to them how lousy I was at arts and craft in school, even for the simple projects that involved glue and paper. They assured me that detailed step by step instructions would be provided – this sounded as good as a cold sorbet on a hot day!

I chose a design which looked achievable for a novice like me to finish without too much hassle. The lady at the store who was helping me suggested that I get all my paper material pre-cut in store and then all I had to do back home was to assemble everything as per instructions. I agreed without hesitation at her brilliant suggestion.

Armed with all the materials and tools I needed, I began assembling the card. First up I had to cut up the decorations for the cards….


My fingers were seriously sore by the time I finished cutting all of these little birdies and other decorations up. Somehow trying to cut curves with a pair of (too big) kitchen scissors was not a good idea after all!

The next step was to assemble the portion of the card that was flat (you’ll see what I mean as you read along). That was easy enough- things were looking up!


I moved on next to work on the little tree decoration – one of the main design features of the card. My fingers felt clumsy and sausage like as I fumbled with tying the teeny gingham print ribbon around the tree trunk. A few tries and several curse words later, the ribbon was finally in place.

The same frustration overcame me as I tried to delicately stick the rhinestone jewels on the branches. These hands were not meant for such intricate work, I quietly thought to myself.


The instructions then required me to stick foam tape onto the decorations and on the background piece to create a sort of “pop up” effect. Sounded easy enough till I realised how handy having long fingernails was when struggling to peel off the backing from the foam tape!



A few hours of concentrated effort later and this was the end result….


I had some extra decorations and was inspired to jazz up the envelope as well with that and a little doodling!


One invite down and several more to go! I was really happy and amazed with the outcome, especially since it looked as if it could not have been created by a novice like me! Plus it felt really nice to know that our guests (and us) would have something special to commemorate the occasion by! I do hope they like it!

All done and dusted! It was way faster making them on the second night! I had lots of fun! Hmmmm maybe I should make some tags/ thank you cards to go along with it…..



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