A good way to use your hands

My fingers had been itching for more paper crafting ever since I finished making Bugs’s first birthday invites a couple of nights ago. Since the weather was dark and gloomy today (which meant no trips to the park or outdoor fun), we made a special weekday trip to the Rock Paper Scissors store!


I love the motto emblazoned across the shop window just as you walk in -“Use your hands. Make something beautiful.” I think it resonates with a lot of happy crafters/knitters out there! It was good enough to entice me to step in the first time round – here we go again today!


The store was nice and quiet this morning, perfect for me to get some personalised attention from the staff and to take some pictures of their lovely creations to share with you guys…..

How cute is this woodland creatures birthday card!! Anyone will be pleased to receive this I think, even if it came without a present!


Farmyard animals are always a great theme for children’s parties! The little train looked a little too complex to make for my liking so we chugged along.


Sweet little cherubs, turtle doves and roses themed greeting cards! These love notes look romantic enough to make the recipient feel extra special!


The store has some great ideas on how you can jazz up some plain takeaway boxes for party favours. Here it’s done with a strip of paper and some fancy folding to create that round accordion like feature.


This oriental inspired design is pretty cute too and looks much easier to make than the previous one.


I like how a little wrapping paper, ribbon and tag makes an otherwise boring M&Ms container look really sweet! Simple and great idea!

This recipe book cover looked pretty impressive in real life! The cutouts and theme were based on vintage kitchen and home ware items. Adding the mini rolling pin to the side complements the whole effect to a tee!


We had a fun time choosing out what we needed for our next few paper craft projects (stay tuned)! I’ll end off today with these cute Chinese doll and clothes cards to thank you for reading my post!



4 thoughts on “A good way to use your hands

  1. Lovely paper craft, inspired me to doing something about those little things that I bought in my last visit to a paper craft shop…

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