Warming up to Autumn


Autumn arrived this morning not in her usual sunny fashion. Instead she brought along her friends rain and fog, making everything around us glistening, wet, cold and dreary.

Even the carousel and cubby play house at the market that were usually filled with kids of all ages looked a little empty and gloomy today.


Thankfully, there was one bright spark around to bring a little warmth back into an otherwise cheerless day at the market! Alex the Mexican music man was around to brighten up the day!

He whipped out his flute and blew a few tunes to signal to everyone the start of the show. One by one, the kids and their parents came, gathering at the stage, eagerly anticipating what was to be almost a couple of hours of songs and instrument playing magic.


We clapped our hands and sang along to familiar nursery rhymes and a couple of new interesting ones too. The kids and parents ‘helped’ out by playing some of the instruments provided by Alex throughout the performance.


By the end of the first hour, there were smiles in every corner of the market courtyard, including ours! The day did not seem so grey anymore!

A cup of hot chocolate and a few more nursery rhymes later, I felt brighter and more ready to welcome autumn than at the start of the day!


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