A different kind of art

Look what I spotted on a tree this afternoon while we were on our way to music class!


It’s a little difficult to see from this distance. Let me go closer to give you a better view….

If you are thinking “Wait a minute, that tree looks a little too colourful than usual…”, you are absolutely right! Someone yarn bombed that tree with a piece of handmade goodness!

I am not too sure exactly when the movement of yarn bombing actually took off but I did notice it a few years back, right about the time when my knitting obsession took off. Yarn bombing is also known as graffiti knitting – it’s street art for knitters / crocheters. A somewhat safe way of living dangerously, I’ll like to think.

You may think nothing of it but there’s lots of planning and thought involved in executing a yarn bomb. First of all, there’s the locationwhere exactly should you place your piece of art? It has to be visible enough for someone to notice it. Popular choices that I’ve seen or read include trees, lamp posts, park benches.

Then comes the question of what to knit– preferably something eye catching of course! This one that I spotted today was an excellent example of a perfect yarn bomb! You can’t walk past that hot lime green and screaming red flowers without noticing it!


Once you’ve crafted your masterpiece, it’s time to install it in your chosen location. With as little people spotting you as possible. Regardless of where you choose to display your piece, the operation often requires some form of stealth. And speed I think. I’ve heard of yarn bombers working through the night to finish their installation, scuttling away with their knitting needles and other tools the moment the sun creeps up.

Most yarn bombs I’ve come across are hastily attached to the said object with plastic ties. Whoever did this one that I spotted must have spent some time at the tree with their crochet needle to join the piece together- see the vertical seam that separates the pattern in the picture below! Bravo!

It was such a quirky thing to see and I could not help smiling after spotting it! Thank you to whoever it was out there who made it- you really did brighten up my day!

Here are some more brilliant examples of yarn bombing that I found on the Internet:

At a bus stop….

20120302-170508.jpg Image from Yarn Bombing

On a train seat….

20120302-171206.jpg Image from Ajoure Blog

On a parking meter….

Image from Yarn Bombing

And on a statue….

20120302-171623.jpg Image from Wool love- functional fibre art

I’m not sure if I’ll get around to doing my very own yarn bomb. Maybe I need to muster up a little more courage and inspiration from all of these fine examples! If I ever do, you’ll be one of the first to know!


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