One potato two potato

I was feeling a little peckish this afternoon. The weather had turned cold suddenly (that’s Melbourne for you folks) and venturing out in the rain to get a little snack seemed way too much effort. Something hot and savoury would be just perfect to quell those growing hunger pangs.


“Let’s make some potato cakes,” The Dude suggested, “It’ll be a good way to use up those last two potatoes plus it’ll keep us satiated till dinner.” He had obviously been influenced at my efforts to be thrifty. “Brilliant!” I replied, “Let’s get started now!”

I love potato cakes! They are like comfort food to me -kind of like mashed potato but shaped into patties and pan fried. I like how the crunchy fried exterior contrasts with the soft fluffy inside. And they are so easy to make!

Almost everyone i know has their own version of what goes into their potato cakes (ham, corn, tuna – just to name a few). For the ones we made today, spring onions and chilli were added into the potato mash. A bit of egg was then added into the mixture before shaping patties out of it.


The patties were individually dipped in egg and flour….


before they were pan fried for ten minutes…


Half an hour of effort later and our tasty golden creations were ready for consumption!


There you have it! Our version of potato cakes! Hopefully this inspires you to create your version too! I probably don’t need to tell you that these delicious savouries are best eaten hot! Just be careful not to burn your tongue while tucking into them like we did!



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